ColourArt Solar Panel

290W FixSun ColourArt Solar Panel


Have you ever wondered why Solar Panels come blue or black? Why not green or another colour or why don´t they have different looks? Would it be nice to have Solar Panels the same pattern and colour as existing roof? Or what if there is a chance to advertise company with Solar Panels?

We are Figmentor Oy, an innovative company from Finland, and have been on Solar energy field for a few years now. We have launched this autumn our new 290W FixSun ColourArt Solar Panel which combines the benefits of a Solar Energy Panel and aesthetical appealing.

Multiple Use Cases

FixSun ColourArt Solar Panel can be used in many different ways. No matter if the roof is tiled-, metal- or bitumen roof or any other. ColourArt Panels are custom-made in different design, colour and pattern. They can also be used in solar tracking systems like DEGER. How cool is that!

individually designed

Homeowners are able to have ColourArt Panels to blend in with their original roof style or they can design their Panels outfit something completely different.

With FixSun ColourArt Panels companies can design the Panels so that they can be used for advertising or branding or match the company´s logo or slogan.

ColourArt Panel is durable, reliable and have 25-year performance- and 10-year product quarantee. Its measurements are 1640mm*992mm*40mm and the weight is 18kg.

ColourArt Panels can be individually designed in multiple colours and patterns to meet your customer´s desirements.

Only sky is the limit to design your own individual FixSun ColourArt Solar Panel.

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