FixSun AC panel

FixSun AC panel

An easy way to build an optimized On-grid photovoltaic system 

FixSun 380W Half-Cut Bi-Facial AC is completely black, double-sided glass-to-glass solar panel that combines elegance and power with microinverter. You do not need a separate inverter, the panel produces AC so it can be connected directly to electricity network. The double-sided panel also collects reflections from behind the panel, achieving up to 20% better yield.

You can install individual panels on the roofs of different buildings, on different patches or walls, anywhere to get the optimal return from your photovoltaic system, with a 25-year warranty.
To detached houses, cottages, farms, companies, courtyard buildings etc.

Green electricity.

Safe technology – minimizes risks 

The microinverter technology used by FixSun AC panels enables panel-specific monitoring and disconnection. The failure of one panel does not affect the operation of the other panels. When the power is turned off or disconnected, only 50 volts of low voltage remains on the roof. The risk of fire is lower when the low voltage substantially reduces the possibility of arcing. The cabling between the panels and the control panel can be de-energized by a safety switch and / or a monitoring system application.

In addition, thanks to Half-Cut technology, there is no Hotspot effect and the glass-to-glass panel is non-flammable anyway

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