Solar Panel Glasses

Advanced Solar Panel Glasses

Advanced window panels of FixSun are replacing conventional glazing and upholstery panels while providing renewable electricity. In multi-storey buildings where roof space is often limited, facades and windows usually provide the greatest potential to generate electricity.


Solar Energy Glasses are a choice for the nature.

Solar Energy Glass make windows and facades environmentally friendly of solarenergy producer.

They are versatile and have a wide range of applications such as glass terraces anf ceilings, They are ideal for building facades because they are frameless and aesthetical.

Other great market are carports where they are installed to protect both vehicles and passengers from the weather. At the same time, the carport also provides a large area for solar energy.

Solar Energy Glasses have 25-year performance quarantee



 Benefits of Solar Energy Glasses


  • CdTe Solar Energy Glass have an excellent performance of energy
  • Egological way to build is cost-effective solar energy field
  • CdTe -thinfilm has a world record of energy efficiency
  • Solarenergy is totally domestic energy
  • Solarenergy is easy accessible to everyone
  • They are durable and reliable
  • Solar Energy Glasses are smart way to produce electricity what is needed

Solar Energy Glasses 

The standard size of glass is 600mm x 1200mm x 8,4mm and it is adjustable up to 2400mm x 2400mm x 24mm.

The weight is just 11,8kg. Its transparency is from 0% up to 80% and it comes in wide range of colours.

Solar Energy Glass is UV-protected with CE and TÛV certificates.

When you build, Solar Energy Glass is the right choice. The structure of Solar Energy Glass will crown your target: they produce electricity fast and cost-effective from the sunlight.