White Solar Panel

Cool roofs


Have you ever heard or read about cool roofs? The idea is to paint roof with a white color. Why? Because then they don´t absorb so much sun´s energy and heat inside the building or transfer the heat back to the atmosphere.

White roofs don´t only stay cool but they will reverse some of the heat-related impacts of today’s topic discussion, climate-change.

In hot summer days, traditional black roof convert sunlight to heat. It also absorbs heat, transmitting it to the rooms below and radiates energy directly into the atmosphere.

You don’t have to paint your roofs white. There is a better way.

Our new 290W FixSun White Solar Panel combines the benefits of a solar panel and cool roof. On hot sunny days the White Panel also produces more energy because solar panels do function better when they are cooler.

White Solar Panel is polycrystalline and made by new 5BB technique. Its measurements are 1640mm*992mm*40mm and weight is 18kg. They are durable, reliable and have 25-year performance warranty and 10-year product warranty.

FixSun White Solar Panels are designed to meet the most demanding requirement, our customer´s roof.

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