FixSun co-operating with World Vision

Figmentor Oy is a partner of World Vision. We are committed to support World Vision´s Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration project ( FMNR ) that has regenerated deserted soil to grow trees already in 25 countries. With each FixSun solar panel purchased, we help the world climate by supporting FMNR reforestration at 1000m2 / solar panel.

The FMNR’s target


In practice, FMNR involves the systematic regrowth and management of trees and shrubs from felled tree stumps, sprouting root systems or seeds.

As a result, FMNR can double crop yields, provide building timber and firewood, fodder and shade for livestock, wild foods for nutrition and medication, and increased incomes and living standards for farming families and their communities. Families do not have to leave their homes because of desperate living conditions.

These forests also act as carbon sinks to mitigate climate change. Forests absorb more carbon dioxide than they release into the atmosphere.

World Vision


World Vision is a global development and humanitarian organization with 70 years of experience in nearly 100 countries. The organization helps children, families and communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

World Vision supports the sustainable development of communities in developing countries, provides humanitarian assistance to victims of natural disasters and conflicts, and promotes justice by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.